By Tom Bode, President

The Kenyan school year runs January through December and is divided into three terms, with a month break in between each term. In an equatorial country, having a “summer break” doesn’t make sense, because there is no summer.

The students are now on their August break, having completed the second term of the year. This break, we are trying something new: all five students are enrolled in a private tutoring program. They attend tutoring in small groups with other students and receive instruction on their weakest three subjects. For most of our students, their weakest subjects are Math, English, and Swahili. The instructors are teachers who are also on break (and looking for a little money on the side, as is the Kenyan way). The teachers and the program are recommended by Millie, a former teacher of the students at St. Paul’s and an invaluable World Scholarship Initiative volunteer. Our five students will receive tutoring daily for three weeks, three subjects each. The total cost is a remarkably inexpensive $120.

I am confident that this tutoring program will assist our students in their performance at secondary school. When I hear the students’ thoughts on the program, I will share them with you.

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