Success Stories

World Scholarship Initiative provides students with four years of support to see them through high school.  These young men and women have completed their four years.  They were all were successful in high school and it was a pleasure to watch them grow as they succeeded in academics, athletics, and leadership. We are proud of their achievements and excited to see them continue their lives.

Some have decided to continue their education and other are working.  No matter what they do with the rest of their lives, it will be from a strong foundation, thanks to their hard work and the generosity of WSI’s supporters.

High School Graduating Classes:

2016: Peris ~ Villitracia ~ Triza   2017: Paul ~ Gidraf

2018: Marion ~ Lydia   2019: Margret ~ Vincent




Lydia in her second year

Lydia graduated from Christ the King Girls Boarding school in 2018.  At school, she excelled in academics.  When she graduated, she wrote to WSI:

“To all members who have been contributed to my academic support am grateful and am proud of you. I have never lacked anything during my schooling period, you made me comfortable in school and my part was only to study.  Once more I say thank you.”

Lydia is currently attending university, studying education.



Marion in her second year

Marion graduated from Christ the King Boarding School in 2018.  She was very active in leadership at the school, being elected to a number of positions, including student body president for her final year.  She was also awarded “Outstanding Prefect” that year.

Marion wrote a letter of thanks to WSI when she graduated:

“When I think critically and try to figure out some of the people who have helped me in life then I cannot fail to say that World Scholarship Initiative is one of them. You are some of the best people in the whole world since you have shown me endless love and compassion from the time when I joined high school up to now when I have completed my high school life. I lack words to express my gratitude to you.”

Marion is currently attending university, studying business.



Peris in her fourth year

WSI supported Peris’s education at Christ the King from 2013 until she graduated in 2016. She is now attending the University of Nairobi with a government scholarship, where she is studying chemical engineering.  WSI continues to provide support to Peris for her education.

Peris has been very grateful for the opportunity to continue school: “Thank you very much for your support that you have given to me. You are the best thing that has ever happened in my life.”

Peris is currently attending university, studying chemistry.



Villitracia in her fourth year

Villitracia graduated from Christ the King in 2016 after four years of support from WSI. She did not gain admission to a four year university, and decided to spend a year studying to reapply.  She was successful and gained admission and a scholarship. She is now attending The Co-Operative University of Kenya, where she is studying business.  WSI continues to provide support for Villitracia’s education.

When she was a high school student, she was effusive and warm in her appreciation to WSI donors.  She wrote: “Thank you all of you who are sponsoring me, for your kind hearts because you have helped with open hands. May you continue being blessed by God and may his blessings be with you wherever you go. I love you all.”

Villitracia is currently attending university, studying business.



Triza in her fourth year

Triza graduated from Christ the King in 2016 after four years at the school.  She is now a student at Mt. Kenya University, where she is studying to be a teacher.

As a high school student, Triza wrote: “I would really love to thank you for the support you have been giving to us such as paying for our tuition. Know that you are one of the best gifts I have ever received from God, you are a blessing to my life.”

Triza is currently attending university, studying education.




Paul in his third year

Paul graduated from Loreto Nakuru Boys Boarding School in 2017, after four years of support from WSI.  He played sports, earned excellent grades, and was active in school leadership.

He is now working in Nakuru.

Paul is grateful for the opportunity to study.  He wrote, “I pray to God to help you for your good work you are doing. Thank you.”




Gidraf in his third year

Gidraf finished his four years at Loreto Nakuru School for Boys in 2017. He graduated at the top of his class, but was not admitted to a four year university and decided to work for a while.

Gidraf is now working in Nakuru.

Gidraf says “I am very grateful” for the support WSI provided him. “Thank you very much and God bless you all.”



Margret in her fourth year

Margret graduated from Christ the King Girls School in 2019.  She scored very well on the final exam and earned admission to university.  She will be starting in September 2020.


Vincent graduated from Nakuru Loreto School for Boys in 2019.  He did well in school.  He did not earn admission to university and is currently working in Nakuru.

Vincent in his fourth year.